I’ll tell you why it was the last time
When we lay under that night sky
Everything you’d promised turned out to be another lie
And the memories that remain, to this day they make me cry

I’ll tell you why it was the last time
When we took that walk to nowhere
You let go of my heart, left me lost in despair
You left me lost and afraid, the pain can never compare

I’ll tell you why it was the last time
When we kissed with no rush
You made me realize to you I was nothing but a crush
And when you were done crushing, I became nothing but trash

I’ll tell you why it was the last time
When our conversations were our lifeline
You said everything you thought I wanted to hear
When all I needed was for you to be sincere

I loved you, but that’s my mistake
I laid my heart bare, but in it you had no stake
So forgive me if I’ve been elusive of late
The truth is I’m not sorry, my pain was just a passing state

Trizah Fay © 2017




Tears, not so much from the pain

But for the love that I feel

Not so much because it’s real

But for the fact that so it will remain

Fears, not for being barely sane

But for the blood on our seal

Not for the strength and our will

But for it all not being in vain

Because I love you beyond measure

Though your tomorrow remains hidden

And I promise to be your treasure

Always willing to give you pleasure

Even when to world you’re forgotten

Even when to the world we need closure

Trizah Fay ©2017




I found peace beneath your deep brown eyes
A safe place to unclothe my lies
I found a friend just underneath your ribs
A heart that saw past my swaying hips
I found your love stacked against my solid walls
A stack so high to climb out I was beckoned
I found affection beyond my wildest imagination
To every love song you had a custom rendition
I found a heart that’s pure, made to order
A fiery heart that cuts no corners
I found warmth that crossed my borders
The heat may burn, but the pain has some honor
I still find you in my deepest thoughts
Feel your heart beat in my silent forts
I find you playing in my symphony
With every part of me succumbing in perfect synchrony

Trizah Fay © 2017


I see the moonlight cutting through the densely scattered leaves

Making faces on the ground

The faces beckon me to touch their cheeks

But I don’t, no I don’t


I see faces staring back at me

A sea of faces, laden with expectations

Asking questions that they hope I would answer

But I don’t, no I don’t


I see mothers walking away from their children

Children, wanting nothing more than their mothers

With hungry bellies, asking to be fed

But I don’t, no I don’t


I see victims of my social conscience

The monsters we create when we know too much

Unloved, unwanted, untouched by the alternate realities

I don’t know what’s worse, no I don’t

Trizah Fay © 2017



Promise to remind me tomorrow

That the forever I pledged to you is but a sum of the morrows

And with every good deed, we move away from the shadows

So that our safest bet, is to stick together through our troubles

Promise to remind me tomorrow

That while the love that we share may not be a shelter from life’s sorrows

It’s an anchor to rely on, a root that keeps us here while our bond grows

It’s a reason to hold on, remaining true when everything else goes

Promise to remind me tomorrow

That you love me, and I love you too

That in your heart, you’ll always be true

And when we’re together, the cup is half full

Promise to remind me tomorrow

That whether bent out of shape

Or broken and spent

My soul is yours to take

Promise to remind me tomorrow

That when my lips no longer taste like sweet wine

When my hips no longer like to whine

Your body and soul will still be mine

That our love will hold to the end of time

Promise to remind me tomorrow

That even on my darkest days

In your heart is my favorite place

By your side is where I find rest

Just promise you’ll remind me tomorrow

Trizah Fay © 2017


Musical Misses

Do – For the doves in my tummy when you say my name

Re – For the residual kisses I taste when you bite your lower lip

Mi – For the misery in my eyes when you turn around to leave

Fa – For the familiar agony drenching me in your absence

So – For the solitude I no longer crave, living only for your presence

La – For the latitudes I’ll cross to put my palms on your sweet face

Ti – For the team that we are, without you I stand no chance

Do – For the doves in my tummy since the night you came my way

Trizah Fay © 2017


It’s been a while since we spoke

And each time I try, on my words I choke

I know you promised to be my rock

But I also know that when I’m silent your blessings I block

So let’s just say I’m here coz I need to talk

And not just coz those blessings I want to unlock

Honestly, I really need to talk


It’s been a rough couple of months

My life is too similar to the moths

I’m drawn to a flame

Knowing well that it’s too lame

Coz when I burn there’s no one else to blame

And it’s not really like I’m in it for the fame

It’s not even like I think it’s a game

But I keep putting myself to shame


Do I know what to do? Yes, I can read

Do I know how to do it? Yes, I can follow Your lead

So why don’t I? I don’t know, maybe it’s the greed

Have I tried? Yes, but I never succeed

Did I ask for help? No, I like being off the grid

Is that a good idea? Of course not, I should ask You to lead


That’s why for your guidance I plead

You’re my only hope if I’m to succeed

You’re the only one that truly I need

And for Your mercy I now plead

I know you’ve seen my heart bleed

I know many times my hurt you’ve healed

And I know that my part I haven’t played


So this is me now, playing it

If it’s salvation, I’m confessing it

If it’s my birthright, I’m claiming it

And if it’s Your will, I’m bending to it

Do with me as You see fit

Reign over me as I kneel at Your feet

Reign in me if You will it

Trizah Fay © 2016


I rise

Every morning, noon and night

Wanting to respond to your every plight

Living for the moments when you’re filled with delight

Just to look into your eyes, oh the sparkle is so bright


I rise

Knowing that fickle is my prize

Caring not for the pain or the despise

Hoping some day for a pleasant surprise

This hope that I hold will be the cause of my demise


Still I rise

Not for the allure of the kisses I hope to steal

Not even for the love that my heart will not conceal

I rise for the reason that my feelings are real

I rise, for my feelings are stronger than my will


Still I rise

Like a moth to a flame

A servant to his dame

Like an artist to fame

To you I’m just but a slave


That I rise to give you all my devotion

Without fail or need for appreciation

Makes me wonder if there’s a different rendition

Where you love me and you show consideration

Where you care, and hold back on the negation

Trizah Fay © 2017